Weather catastrophes and CV-19 consequences are both accelerating in lockstep. Official sources say that 1 in 3 Los Angeles residents now have the virus in spite of the lockdowns and mask mandates. Is there more to the story? New versions of the pathogen keep cropping up around the world. Where are they coming from? Anomalous snowstorms continue to occur in between bouts of record warm winter temperatures, Spain and Japan are the latest examples. Will populations begin to question if weather events are being engineered? Constant bad weather is forcing many family farms out of business. Who is purchasing all the newly available farmland? Climate engineering operations are drying up the Colorado river basin, what are the ramifications for the US Southwest? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Just proposed Covid-19 legislation in New York threatens forced detention and forced vaccinations. Will this legislation pass? In the meantime a rapidly growing percentage of health care workers are refusing the “warp speed" CV-19 concoctions. Is the long overdue awakening of populations finally unfolding? The stock market continues to hit record highs in spite of countless business closures. How much can the US dollar be diluted before it completely collapses? While California withers from lack of rain the climate engineers are whipping up yet another Texas snowstorm with moisture from the record warm Gulf of Mexico. How do all the puzzle pieces connect? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

2020 is now behind us, but what is in front of us? We are being told that new and far more contagious strains of the pathogen are popping up, the latest in the UK and Africa. Fauci has just stated that these new strains are going to “rip through America”. Dr. Fauci always knows, right? The World Health Organization is now trying to make the case that only the big pharma injection can give us immunity from the virus. Physicians that challenge the official propaganda are being fired. If the CV-19 scenario doesn't work as planned, do the controllers have a plan B waiting for us all? In the meantime weather warfare continues unabated, “Winter Storm John” is the latest example in the US. This so called “winter storm” produced snow in South Texas at above freezing temperatures with moisture flowing directly from the record warm Gulf of Mexico. How can this happen? Chemical ice nucleation elements are being seeded into cloud moisture by the climate engineers, welcome to winter weather warfare. For these and other front line breaking reports tune in to the latest installment of Global Alert News.

Official sources are changing the CV-19 narrative and protocols as they go. In the meantime, new strains of the virus continue to surface. Are we to believe these are just random acts of Nature? Is it reasonable to expect corporate media to tell us the truth? In the meantime the weather makers are wreaking havoc all over the world, further escalating an already beyond dire biosphere collapse scenario. Biden recently stated that “the US needs to defeat” climate change. Does that mean the climate engineering operations are about to be ramped up even further? Increasing the already accelerating climate chaos and collapse? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

As societal lockdowns continue to be ramped up, the “Warp Speed” vaccination variety pack is being released with emergency government provisions. What will be the result? Mainstream media continues to downplay or completely ignore the ever increasing list of serious side effects that have shown up in vaccine trials. Will the public do the same? While most are understandably focused on the entire CV-19 scenario, what looming existential issues are being completely eclipsed? New science reports confirm ongoing and accelerating ozone layer collapse that carries countless dire ramifications. One of the the most ominous consequences is the possibility that the planet will lose its ability to make clouds. What happens then? Ongoing geoengineering operations are the core causal factor behind the ozone layer destruction, when will the "climate science” community admit to the truth? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

An ever increasing number of law enforcement agencies are refusing to carry out state government ordered CV-19 lockdown mandates. Is the desperately needed societal wake-up finally beginning to unfold? For far too long too many have chosen to believe that the controllers behind the curtain have their best interest in mind. While all eyes are focused on CV-19 and ongoing election theater, numerous near term existential challenges are looming across the wider horizon. Climate and environmental collapse has outpaced power structure preparations, how desperate and dangerous will the controllers become now? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Northern California has had bone dry summer conditions for nearly six months. The climate engineers have finally allowed a very modest amount of moisture into the region, but how contaminated is this precipitation? In the meantime other regions of the country are being deluged. Extreme weather conditions are rapidly becoming the norm all over the world, infrastructure and crop collapse have increasingly been the result. Numerous nations are spiraling into societal famine scenarios, the US corporate media isn’t saying a word. How soon till famine comes to the US? Lockdowns are being ramped up all over the world, where do we go from here? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The mass distraction theater has so far successfully kept all sides of the fence occupied and completely distracted from the wider horizon, this result is a primary objective of those who write the script. What does Bill Gates have to say about the connection between weather, vaccinations and population control?

Increasingly extreme engineered weather fluctuations are beginning to gain some attention, but not enough. The geoengineers do not generally have the capability of chemically cooling the entire US, so the pendulum of extreme temperatures swings back and forth. The US West is now the recipient of a cooldown scenario, while the US East is going to temporarily become the extreme warming climate engineering sacrifice zone. 

So long as the climate science community continues to deny the ongoing blatant geoengineering onslaught, the majority of the public is all too happy to keep their eyes closed to the atrocities in our skies. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

While all eyes are focused on the coming election, the covert climate engineering onslaught continues to take its toll. The New York Times has just published a new and extensive report on planetary geoengineering. Though the article has not actually admitted geoengineering programs are already ongoing, that reality is becoming all but impossible to hide. A Cornell University scientist, Dr. Douglass MacMartin, was prominently covered in the New York Times article on climate engineering. MacMartin made the following statement in the report, “we know with 100% certainty that we can cool the planet”. But do Dr. MacMartin’s “facts” hold up under scrutiny? WBAI radio, on the East Coast, hosted a live on-air debate between Dr. MacMartin and Geoengineering Watch, audio excerpts from the debate are included in this broadcast. Dire news on unfolding mass methane expulsion is coming in from the Arctic, a scenario which climate engineering is making worse overall, not better. What are the ramifications? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Is our weather being engineered?

Record drought, record deluge, record heat and record cold, weather extremes are now the norm. Rapidly unfolding Earth changes will very soon eclipse all other concerns or challenges. Though the ongoing climate engineering operations remain a core causal factor behind so much of the climate chaos and environmental destruction, the geoengineering reality is still categorically denied by all elected officials, official agencies, and the whole of academia. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

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